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Singapore weather forecast information. It includes as 12 hour outlook, 3 day outlook, 3 hour regional forecast, weather map, heavy rain/flood warning and air quality information. Set favorites for regions that you would like to see first in 3 hour forecast. Share live weather forecast on your Facebook wall!The application gathers and displays the information from the NEA website. It does not link the user to the web pages.Widgets support finally, for widgets to work ensure that you install the app into your phone memory, widgets cannot run if you install the app on SD card.Ability Toggle to show traffic layers on Weather Map.Share weather forecast on your Facebook wall.Supports moving app to SD Card if you are running low on phone internal memory.Feature requests: Do email me about what other data you would like to see, I am not sure if those are going to be useful to the majority of you like sunrise/set, moonrise/set, tide info, etc. But I’ll like to hear your thoughts. have got 2 other horoscope apps too, do help support those too! :)Cheers!

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