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Shape Findings DEMO – HD

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by On March 9, 2011
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A sequel will be produced for this educative game. For more information, please visit blog.sculplingstory.comShape Findings adopts the casual 'Hidden Object' genre and expands its dimension into 3D. The objective of the game is to spot a certain shape in a toy-like environment.While this particular application aims to be a casual entertainment, it could also serve as a learning material - as an introduction to geometric shapes.This game is probably one of the first that falls under the '3D Hidden Object' category.This DEMO version features:- 3 levels.- 3 target shapes to find: cube, cylinder and pyramid.- Complete soundtracks to accompany your finding session.- Ambience sound effects to match the scenery of the level. HOW TO PLAY:- Simply find the shapes determined to be the target in each level and DOUBLE tap the shapes to spot them.- Each level contains more than one scenes. All the targets mentioned are scattered all around the scenes. Tap the left or right triangle to change scenes.- For more elaborate instructions, use the tutorial in the game.Powered by Unity3D. Special thanks to all testers.Best running on OS 2.2 and above. SD install enabled.

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