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Welcome to Share2PC!Share2PC (share to PC) is an application for your Android device that lets you use the Share functionality to push various files and links to your nearby Windows PC through your home Wifi, or other private networks.This Android application has a Windows Application pair that you need to install on PCs you want to share files and links to.For a detailed guide to installing and using Share2PC with screenshots please see this page: you have both applications installed, the sharing can begin!Use the Share option from various applications – file managers, the gallery, web browsers, etc.Then select Share2PC, and just hit send.Your music, picture and other files will be sent through the local network at full speed to your PC.Have you ever been reading a page on your phone, then decided to continue on your PC, only to have the problem of finding that particular page again?No more e-mailing links to yourself! Just hit Share, choose Share2PC, send that link to your Windows desktop or laptop instantly, and continue right where you left off.Share2PC is easy to use and quick to access from any app.This application is fully featured, ad supported. It displays a small banner when you’re connected to the internet.You like our app and want to support us? Visit our site for donation information: – for displaying the ads and collecting anonymous usage data

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