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SHEEP GAME / LAMB GAME "PAID"No-ads version. Thanks for supporting the development by purchasing this game!An update is now available with celebration of reaching OVER 15 MILLION SHEEPS CAUGHT BY THE PLAYERS WORLDWIDE so far. Awesome!Sheep Game is simple and fun "catch a sheep" type of game where you aim to tap as many sheeps as you can and not to let lambs disappear when they are looking from left & right sides of the screen. This is a simple action & arcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)The game is similar to famous Ant Smasher but with sheeps and lambs. The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys, who basically guided me to create a simple action game which can be used with a single finger and had to include good music and nice sounds effects like fart :-). Heh, so here it is finally! From version 1.0 onwards, the game also includes the "Sheep Run" play mode which uses device’s accelerometer to steer the running lamb that will try to avoid obstacles, bad wolf and tries to fetch berries for extra points.Android Sheep Game features:- try to catch lambs when they are looking from left and right- use your device touch screen to tap a sheep- catch joker lamb to gain extra points- tap lambs as many times as you can- beware of angry dog – it farts if you tap it- Sheep Run: bend your device left and right to steer, up and down to accelerate and slow down- Sheep Run: try to avoid obstacles, try to collect berries for extra points; beware of bad black wolfNew features under development:- new sheep types and other characters under consideration- improved "Sheep Run" play mode and game logic- new animals such as dog, cat, birds, fish, and bee are all under considerationThe game has been tested and have been noticed to work fine on Samsung, HTC, Motorola and ZTE phones. I have also got feedback that it works smoothly on SonyEricsson and LG devices as well as on tablets. Just remember for tablet users that the screen is designed for 320×480 resolution so graphics don’t look so good in big screens.. :(Please send all feedback and comments, good or bad, to and I will take them into account!Happy Sheeping!-Game by ILOappsDeveloper blog at www.iloapps.comKeywords: android sheep game, tap sheep, tap lamb, lamb game, funny, dummy, arcade game, tap a sheep, catch a sheep, catch a lamb, run sheep run, sheep runner, sheep capture game, free game, game with ads, iloapps, ilogames,

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