Shishen Sho


Shishen sho is a japanese tile-based puzzle game similar to Mahjong. This game uses cool smileys and emoticons instead of the mahjong tiles.——————————-Please review and rate the game.——————————-Objective:Clear all the tiles in pairs.Rules:- Remove matching tiles in pairs. (Select one and then another)- Tiles must connectible by a atleast 3 connected lines.- The connecting lines can pass outside the game area but not through a non-matching tile.- The connecting lines Lines cannot be diagonal and must be straight.Beginner hints:- Two adjacent matching tiles are connectible.- Two matching tiles on the border (left/right/top/bottom) can always be connected.Requirements:- Touchscreen- Android verion 2.1 or higherAuthor’s Note—————–This is a demo app. I will be adding more options in higher versions; like gravity, sounds, option to save game during a call interrupt, hints, difficulty levels, pick random photos from your sd card for tile display, timer, score etc. If you face any issues with the display or any type of errors, please send me an email with your phone type/model and Android version and I will try to fix the issue. Please rate the game and add a review/suggestion on the market place or email me at

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