Shoot the worm


Columbus Games – Shoot the wormMike one day meet one of "them".. they are dressed like humans, live like humans… but they are just… worms…and they hide between us so Mike decided to start his hunt, to seek and shoot all of them !FULL 5 LEVEL ACTION ARCADE GAMEPLAY IN ORIGINAL COMIC CARTOON GRAPHIC STYLE WITH GREAT MUSIC CLASSICS NEW ARRANGEMENT LICENSING.Game provided with standard "EULA" Licensing.Shoot the worm – Copyright 2011 Columbus GamesClassical music licensing granted 2011 by sw.snd for Columbus GamesGAMEPLAY:60 seconds timer in each level, 4 lives and infinite ammo, are your resources to seek, target and shoot all the worms that are hidden between the humans, dressed like them.Going far in the gameplay, they move faster, and in the completion of cycle, a new cycle with shorter and faster timing will challenge the nerves and reflexes of the player!Every level, has "hidden" susprises and difficulties.. in the bar, you can shoot bottles and coffee machine, making a mess all over… in the train level, the movement of the train makes difficult to target and shoot, and even, the worms keep being sly and hide faster.. in the movie theater, their movement drive crazy, and also you may shoot accidentally to movie guests…so…beware to innocents! If you are good enough for the final level, you are on the top of a building in the city, and human and worms are very small, so quite difficult to see the difference from each other.. also they hide blazing fast between the threes…you will be good enough?TECHNICAL NOTE: This game uses lot of resource and memory of your phone, if you experience a crash, just turn off then on the phone, and start the game with fresh and clean phone memory. Have fun!

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