ShopCop – Shopping list


ShopCop is an easy and intuitive to use shopping list app. From now on your normal shopping list on a piece of paper is unnecessary. No Ads and no permissions (just for optional inapp donation) needed! The following features are currently included:- Shopping listIn the shopping list all your current articles are located. Just scratch through the articles, that you have done already. With the "Clean up" function you can remove those marked articles for a better overview. With the sort function its easy to reposition your articles.- StocklistIn the stocklist all articles are saved. For further shopping lists just click on an article in the stocklist to add it to your actual shopping list. Including a filter functionality.- Quantity and unitShopCop works in all areas with quantites and units. Nevertheless those fields are optional.- Loading and savingSave your actual shopping list under a free selectable name and load it afterwards with just one click into your current list. For example you can save different recipes. If you later want to cook a few meals, that you saved before, you can add the different ingredients very fast and very easy.

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