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Put comics, information, photos, and webcams at your fingertips, or make your Android device truly personal, with Showr.With this free download, add resizable images to your home screen or lock screen:★ A fixed or changing image from a web address, such as a webcam, Travis CI build status, …★ The latest image from an RSS or Atom feed.★ A photo from your phone's camera (using any installed camera app).★ Any image from the Gallery (or Dropbox, or any other app that offers image content).★ Any user's "flair" from Stack Overflow or any other Stack Exchange site. No more pasting URLs or trying to find your number: just pick the site and user from a list.With Showr's popup menu, you can view the image full-screen, share it with your friends, or go to more details on the web, with one tap on the image. With "smart updating", Showr can reduce battery and network use; it has options to download over Wi-Fi only, and/or exclude certain Wi-Fi networks. NFC and QR code support (on capable devices) make Showr easy to set up and use.Replace Google Reader now! Showr can get and update images and links from an RSS or Atom feed, such as:★ Put a Flickr photostream or the "daily interestingness" on your home screen.★ Follow a photo blog on Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, …★ Give your home screen a "funnies page" with all your favourite web comics, updated automatically.Keep your most important data up to date, where you can see it:★ National and local weather maps and forecasts.★ Online gaming profiles and avatars from XBox Live, Steam, PSN, Planetside 2; with all your XP and achievements.★ Build and test status from Cruise Control, Travis CI, or other build systems.If you can download a picture of it, Showr can put it on your home screen!Add a static image or logo to:★ Keep your family photos where you can see them★ Show your support for your sports team, band, or celebrity★ Use a custom icon for an app or a web bookmark★ Display your company's brand… and link it to their website or app so you can see the latest news with one tap. Showr doesn't put banners, badges, or borders on your images, to keep your home screen looking how you want.About permissions:Showr uses “Full network access” and “View network connections” to download the images you tell it to, according to your schedule. It doesn't “phone home” or share your information.Showr uses “Control Near-Field Communication” (if your phone is capable) so you can scan an NFC tag to set up a widget. It doesn't use NFC at any other time.Showr uses “Google Play billing service” to let you get access to new features by upgrading to Showr Pro in-app.Showr uses “View Wi-Fi connections” so you can apply different download settings to different Wi-Fi networks. It doesn't record or transmit what networks you connect to.If you want to know more, just ask us at credits:The feature image shows:• Charts generated from the Google Image Charts API;• Details from• “Explosive” hazard logo from the Open Clipart Library• Build status graphic from Travis CI• Stack Overflow “flair”• Detail of Cambridge Science Park © OpenStreetMap contributors (CC-BY-SA)• Mathew Street webcam courtesy of Live webcams on the world famous Mathew Street in Liverpool, UK - Birthplace of the Beatles.• Planetside 2 stats from• The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.The Nexus 7 home screen also includes ‘Brown bear cub in river’ © Carl Chapman, CC-BY-2.0 and detail of

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