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Ever wonder what it would be like to actually use ALL of your ringtones? Do you hate taking the time to change your ringtones or making custom ringtones for everyone, just so every message or call is a little different? Well ShuffleTone just made it easier for you!! Add countless of ringtones to shuffle effortlessly, while you receive text messages or phone calls. Save yourself from the headaches of juggling ringtones, and download ShuffleTone…It may end up being the coolest thing you’ve ever done!FEATURES:-Easily set up playlists of ringtones for each method of Shuffling: Calls and texts-Backup and restore old playlists, allowing for seasonal lists, or party weekend lists or work lists or really whatever you want to do-Set your ringtones to change every 2 hours, or set it up to change for every 10 call or text. Customize how you want to shuffle your ringtones, to what fits you best.-Quickly turn on or off the Shuffling feature. You have full control of the way ShuffleTone works.-Easily view currently made playlists; This includes listening to tones that are in the list, and the ability to remove tones from the playlist-AD-FREE!!! Plus the app is free too :)-Works on ICSTHE FASTEST, EASIEST, BEST LOOKING, AND MOST STABLE VERSION OF SHUFFLETONE SO FAR!!! :DAlso, if anyone was wondering, ShuffleTone is quickly reaching 300,000 total downloads!!! You guys are freaking awesome!! Thank you for all your support! Hopefully this update is a nice payback for all you have given me! Thanks!!Note from Developer:Sorry this has taken so long to get updated. I’ve consistantly have been working 2 jobs, and going to school full time, until recently, which left me with 0 time! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support my apps, even in my absence! You are all amazing and I really appreciate all of you! I am actually going to go back into hiatus, to serve the great people in St. Louis for 2 years, which means I won’t be able to do development or use phones for that matter, while I serve. Donations are always great, but as always…I’m not asking for it. I love doing this when I can find the time. Visit my site for more info on that. I will be under a no income situation while serving, so you can bet I’ll be poor. Your donations help out a lot in this situation.Thanks again!! You guys are amazing!! 😀

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