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The world’s first significant figure calculator on a mobile device. This calculator gives you complete functionality from trig functions to scientific notation and rounds your answer to the appropriate amount of significant figures. Also included is an atomic mass button that allows users to select any element and have its atomic mass inserted into the calculation bar. The calculator has checkboxes to switch from radians and degrees and to turn sig figs on and off. A complete guide to sig figs with examples and hints from us is just two taps away via the main menu as well as 4 quizzes to test your knowledge. Whether you think a sig fig is a type of fruit or you’re a chem major, Sig Fig Calc provides the full spectrum of tools and information to master significant figures.Main Features:-Trig, ln, ( ) and many more supported functions and operations-Explanation button to see a detailed breakdown of how sig figs were calculated-Atomic mass button to import any element's atomic mass-Four sig fig quizzes. Each quiz can be scored and will display the correct answer on unanswered or incorrect questions-Radians and degree modes-Complete guide to learning sig figs with examplesFor complete information on the app including a video and free support 24/7 visit our website at

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