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Sight Word Flash Cards is a simple word list practice program. It comes with a sample set of words, the Katy ISD Kindergarten, First Grade and most of the Second Grade Sight Words. The word list is completely customizable. (Note, if you don't want to use the Katy ISD words, you can either unselect them or delete them altogether from the Manage Lists menu.)*** PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ON FIRST RUN OF THE APPLICATION IT MAY LOOK FROZEN AS IT LOADS THE INITIAL WORDLIST. Subsequent runs should load as normal. A good use of this app is to let your child review their vocabulary words from school. When they are ready they can use Test mode to go through all the words once.The word list can be cleared and new words may be imported from the SD card. Imports should be in the format of a comma separated file (CSV) such as might be exported from Excel or OpenOffice.For example, this would create (or expand in the case of existing lists) three lists:My Spanish List, My Italian List, My Dutch listhola, ciao, halloadiós, arrivederci, vaarwelAfter installing an optional Text To Speech library the application will also attempt to speak the word when tapped. Go into the options to enable TTS. If you do not have the TTS libraries the Android Market will prompt you to install them.A new features is the Word Flash, recently requested by a fellow user. The Word Flash feature allows you to set the amount of time that a word appears. This feature has been used by speech-language pathologists to encourage clients to read the whole-word rather than letter-by-letter. This is based on something called the "Saffran Effect".We are trying several different tasks in therapy:1) The clinician says a category "Type of animal" and then the word is flashed and the client says yes or no.2) The word is flashed and the client must say whether or not it was a word.3) The word is flashed and the client tries to say the word.Feedback, suggestions and requests welcome!

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