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by On June 28, 2011
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Hello! I'm Silent Changer!Automatic application for switching to SILENT MODE.You think annoying the motions of switching to SILENT MODE, don't you??So,I switching to SILENT MODE instead of you.Check me a forgetful person too.Example・・・・ ・If you've  been ringing the ringtone during class. ・People just turn off the vibration mode at home. ・People want to keep the ring volume up to just happen to be pub-time ・When you just happen to be the club who want to darken the brightness of the screenetc.,in these cases, I suppot you!◎Process ★「Starting the application > (+)Add spot」  ★「Spot name > Location > Select MODE >{ Custom(Volume・The britness of screen) }> Notification > (+)Complete!!」  ★「Down > Active」  ・You can register the favorite place. ・3-SILENT MODE types are available to you.{SILENT MODE , VIBRATION MODE, OFF} ・You can set the volume and right for each location. 		㈰Ringtone volume 		㈪Notification volume 		㈫Telephone call volume 		㈬Music / Movie 		㈭Button push volume 		㈮The britness of screen. 		 	・If you don't use Custom Settings, It switches to now setting. 	・When Phone settings changed, notyfy of place. 	 	・Please report me when you use toggle button for  disable not necessary place. 	・When you edit the location register, touch the name of the list. 	◎Example ★Only switch to SILENT MODE ON・OFF for each location ★Volume control for each location ★You can specify the parameter to SILENT MODE types ,volume and right. I support you in every case.Please download me!

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