Simple Checkin for Foursquare


Check-in to foursquare in one tap. The app is very quick, and very simple.Sometimes you just want to check-in to Foursquare and move on. Simple check-in allows you to do just that.Want a feature? Get in touch: @rathboma on twitterFeatures:- one touch check-ins- Long press to check-in with a shout and share to Facebook / Twitter- includes a map view so you can tell if your location is correct- custom venue search (press the search button)- app opens instantly to the foursquare nearby venue list- all check-ins from the app are shared with friends but NOT posted to twitter or facebook- Your location IS passed on check-in, so these check-ins are eligible for mayorships.- No ads (there never will be)If you have any issues with the app, please email me so that I can fix them. There’s no function for me to contact you if you leave a bad review. I find squishing bugs very relaxing! (you can also tweet me: @rathboma)This app supports android 2.1 and up. It should allow you to foursquare check-in with no problems on even the oldest phones.Currently there are only 770 lines of code in the entire app, this helps to keep it fast. The goal is to keep this under 1000 to maximize speed, and reduce battery drain.Simple Checkin in the Press:CNET: Foursquare:’Foursquare’ is a trademark of Foursquare Labs Inc. Simple Check-in is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Foursquare Labs in any way.

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