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by On April 6, 2011
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It is a simple widget that displays the moon phase and age of the moon. Full moon and new moon, first quarter, last quarter will be announced in the widget.The calendar opens the widget when touching. The calendar is moved by a right or left flick.The number under each date is the age of the moon of the noon of the day. Notice:※Please do not install to SD card, even if available in Android settings.※Since change of the background of a widget may not be reflected at once, please repeat operation 2 or 3 times.※Please set to "Hide" display age of the moon when you resize the widget.If the image of the moon phase does not appear in the center well during resize,Once deciding on the size of the desired and set to Background of Widget "None" or "Full" at setting.Finally back to its original setting.※ This app is only widget. Please bring your own wallpaper.Wallpaper was used for the screenshot is here.↓Photo by "Starry sky" via ruanyuanyuan123456789

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