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Get notified of new GMail on your Sony Ericsson LiveView. This is a LiveView *plugin*. Works even for newer android versions! (As the other "gmail for liveview" is no longer supported in newer android version, and my Japanese isn't too good, this is my replacement.)Reads your mailfeed, and notifies you if there is an unread mail with a newer date. Notification contains number of currently unread mails, the name of the sender, subject and a summary of the mail. Also support Google Apps for Domains.SimpleGmail uses your inbox by default, but can use any label. You can also read from all unread mail (by using label "unread").Note: Although the 1 minute interval is workable, it does tend to use a bit much battery. Good thing for testing, but you might want to push it up a bit higher than that :)If you use multiple accounts you will do multiple requests (bandwidth) and get multiple announcements (CPU), so it will obviously cost more battery.I'd love some feedback: I've added a quick page a kinda unrelated site (one for another app of mine), but please feel free to comment (or ofcourse rate the app :) ) you have trouble, you can use the "SimpleGmail Tester" app provided. You will simulate your liveview, so you can check if it might be your username/password or your connection that is bothering you. PLEASE don't just leave a comment "its broken, fix it" as a review, I'm glad to help, but I need more info. Mail me, or check my site!=====Changelog======Version 0.7 "Open gmail"* Added 'open in phone' action (opens gmail, sadly not the just-read message).* Test/debug-application now has an ad. This will NEVER show  on your liveview obviously.Version 0.6 "Multple Accounts"* By request: support for multiple accounts* Updated test-activityVersion 0.5: "Apps for domains"* By request: added Google Apps for Domains support* Added test-activity. A separate activity in your menu you can use to check if your connection and/or username/password combo are correct.Version 0.3: "Beta version!" * Fetches mail feed from gmail.* shows unread message count and excerpt from latest message* Notifies 'new' based on date (if you mark an old message as unread, no new notification).* Select label (advanced feature as you can't reliably test)

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