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SimpleList is an Android App specifically for Etsy Sellers. It is a simple way to renew your Etsy listings from your Android phone or tablet. SimpleList pulls up your oldest 6 Etsy listings, with titles, primary picture, price and quantity. Simple slide the list to select the listing you want to renew and click "Renew". It could not be simpler. The app remembers your store, so you don't have to log in each time you load the app. Just open it, renew, and move on to something else.As a long time Etsy seller (khphillips), I know the importance of listing new items and renewing current listings on a regular basis. I can't be in front of my computer all the time and logging into Etsy on my phone each time I want to renew is cumbersome to say the least. This app makes it so easy to renew consistently throughout the day.NOTICE: This app requires access to your Etsy account via Etsy's Developer API. This is a secure way to grant applications to your account WITHOUT giving out your username or password. This works similar to giving other applications access to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can revoke access of your application to your account at anytime. The application accesses your listings and your ability to renew them. No other information is received from Etsy, and all information is stored on your device only.

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