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Sirens application to the Crime Prevention and abroad there was some effect of users were contacted.Development of a police siren suit the purpose and need to get the right buttons as a developer can feel proud of.Lovers and children on the phone, please install the application. Usage also let me know. ● Sirens Try using at the time of an emergency. Sirens can adjust the volume. (Lower volume adjustment), as well as the equipment may have to adjust the volume of media. Sirens during menu-driven devices are here to go to shake it. (Shake detection sensor devices) Start by clicking on the screen sirens, you can stop. (Bottom button) ● Blink(Text)Evocative surroundings.When you touch the screen and hold a dialog with a color change will be exposed.● My Location Check the current location and position within the family and friends can tell you now. (SMS, Email, ...) Satellite photos, maps (images), traffic conditions, road, and the data can also be found. The weather in the current location, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and you can understand. You are menu driven shaking machine during the current can be transferred my location menu will appear. (Shake detection sensor devices) ● Settings About sirensSirens settingsShortcuts to frequently used instrument settings Use shortcuts on the main screen, you can easily access programs are the Sirens. Bugs, issues or ideas, please let us know. I will review the application as soon as possible.

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