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Now you can download your favorite files on Android! This application is a great download manager for public files (in "Direct HTTP / HTTPS" mode) and ,only using a premium account, supports best file-sharing sites. Services supported (files and folders): – DDLStorage – Depositfiles – Filefactory – – (web site down at this time) – (web site has blocked external tools,currently unavailable) – Filesonic (web site has blocked external tools,currently unavailable) – – Rapidshare – – (web site has blocked external tools,currently unavailable) You can send links directly from browser by clicking on them, choosing the option "Share Link" and selecting "Sitesharing Manager". You can collect more links before starting the download. Go on my web site for more details. Dropbox is now supported. Click on a file, select "Share" and than "Sitesharing Manager". Collect all links that you want and download them in "Direct HTTP / HTTPS" mode.Please note: due to a SSL connection bug on Android 2.2 Rapidshare or HTTPS protocol may not be availableNew features will be added soon!You should be connected to a Wifi network to begin the download or disable option "Check wifi connection". Please note: sites may not support WAP traffic.If you like it supports the development by purchasing the PRO Unlock version, thanks. PRO Unlock version has more features.Downloading files is governed by the law. Don’t infringe copyright.Thanks a lot to those who write to me for issues, and help me to improve Sitesharing Manager instead of posting useless comments and complaints.Please don’t give a negative rate but send any requests or comments to, I can not answer in the comments of Google Play.

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