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by On April 3, 2012
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This App is a quick way to remind you how to apply the six hats tool.Edward de Bono designed the Six Thinking Hats as a tool to assist in the decision making process. He believes that when the thinker has to deal with a wide range of information and perspectives at once the thinker loses focus and thinking becomes muddled.  To help separate information and perspectives de Bono created this tool, each hat has a diferent color that represents diferent ways of thinking. By separating and focusing upon parts of the problem the thinker will be able to make clear choices.Note: This App is free, be positive and assertive in your comments!If you enjoyed my free applications and would like to support my work feel free to buy me coffee :)Make your donation through the App "Buy me Coffee" you can find it on Android Market. Thanks!

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