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Supports 7 languages – English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korean!Jumping around, kicking clouds in the sky! An addictive new game has arrived.★FeaturesSimply play by moving left and right. The playtime for 1 stage is around 30 seconds~1 minute.A casual action game that allows you to play whenever you have spare time.The fluffy clouds feel good! A unique graphics system.Classic mode for scoring high scores and stage mode with 50 stages available.Aim for high scores by chaining to take as many clouds out as you can in just one jump.It feels wonderful when you judge the cloud arrangements and the chain completes as you planned it.Earn trophies and awards depending on your score and chain.Comfortable BGM and sound bring the game to life.★StoryIn 20xx, the world is covered with clouds and all living things are on the verge of extinction.Sunny is a sun who came from far away on the other side of space.He is our savior, able to clear the sky of the clouds.Good luck, Sunny! Kick out those clouds and once again return light to the earth!★How to PlayTouch the left or right of the screen to accelerate and move the sun left or right.When the sun touches a cloud it will extinguish the cloud and jump. The extinguished cloud will then reappear somewhere on the screen.Extinguish a fixed number of clouds and complete the mission in the stage, then you’ll have cleared the stage!You will fail if you fall below the screen or you touch a thundercloud that appears in the second half of stage mode.If you fail four times in a single stage or cannot complete the stage mission then it’s game over.

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