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SkyORB is a fast and lightweight astronomy app including a 3D star map, 3D planetarium, ephemeris with notifications, search engine, sun clock, point to sky, weather, and more. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!“SkyORB is fantastic for anyone interested in the night skies, but it’s not just a star-gazer’s handbook.“ - ★★★★ We love SkyORB because it not only offers 3D images of the planets and the stars in the sky, along with comets and asteroids, but it also comes a 'point to sky' feature that allows you to aim your handset towards a star or planet and it'll identify it for you. - PC Advisor: Best iPhone apps: Five free apps for astronomy ★★★★★ NEW 2013 EDITION, WITH ABILITY TO EXPLORE BEYOND THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN 3D ! 100,000 STARS RENDERED!. SUPPORT FOR MORE DEVICES ADDED.SkyORB features many functions as a 3D real-time representation of the planets position around the sun, the ability to hold your device and point toward a visible star and planet and reveal the name by tracking the GPS position, compass orientation, the elevation from the gyroscope, warn the user when a phenomenon is occurs as a full moon, a planet really visible, which is worth the observation. What you will get with SkyORB • Fast and lightweight.• a 3D real-time planetarium with photo-realistic rendering from Mercury to Pluto, Uranus and Saturn and every moons, including deep space exploration up to 50 parsecs.• a 3D real-time sky rendering, with tracking from compass and gyroscope, see the nebula from Messier and Caldwell classification.• Comets and satellites positions, with update from the Web for latest entries, including near earth asteroids.• Weather forecast from current location, • Ephemeris including next 60 days astronomy events, including peak day of meteors showers, date of planet elongation and opposition. • Display day/night terminator on a world map, • Powerful universal search engine: type few letter and find a matching nebula, constellation, place, planets, exo-planets and more. • Moon phases with dates, including rise and set times, • Ability to simulate the sky from any place in the world and even from other planet like Mars • Ability to move fast forward and backward in time, • Enhanced for latest Android devices,• Be alerted when a phenomenon (planet at its brightest, opposition, aphelia, full/new moon, eclipse) is occurring with local notifications (can be disabled). Check out our Facebook page: Check out our Twitter page: Check out the app website for more information, documentation, videos and more at

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