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This volume fader will help you sleep or relax with almost any android music/media/radio player.Also included are 6 soothing sounds (Rain, Waves, Flute, Music Box, Birdsong and Hang Drum) which can be easily mixed together or played at random. Unlike many sleep sound generators these sounds are seamlessly looped for maximum smoothness!The media volume will fade down to 0 during the fade period (up to 120 min.) to ease you to sleep or relaxation.A useful aid to overcoming Insomnia for the discerning Insomniac! Can also be used for meditation.The handy 'M' key will launch the standard 'Music' player (Android 2.2 or above) which will also be paused at the end of the fade period (Google Play Music is also paused by Sleep Fader). Many other media players have their own sleep timer that can be used alongside Sleep Fader to close the media and so conserve data and power usage.Volume and time can be adjusted as the fade is in progress for exceptional ease of use.Increasing media volume using the volume key during the fade period will automatically restart the fade time to ease extending the listening period during your relaxation.A rising birdsong alarm can be enabled to gently wake you at the end of the fade period; ideal for a bit of relaxation. This can be cancelled by hardware volume key.The "Phone State and Identity" permission is required to mute the sounds during phone calls.If using your own media player launch and operate this as you normally would but then run Sleep Fader to fade the volume down. You might want to use your player's sleep timer to make sure it shuts down especially if streaming from the internet.Instructions:There is no configuration to do; as long as your media player responds to the phones 'media volume' control then Sleep Fader will be able to fade. The standard Android 'Music' player can be launched by using the 'M' key from Sleep Fader, start your music as you normally would (maybe turn on repeat too) and then return to Sleep Fader to begin fading.(Note some phones do not ship with this player). The standard 'Music' player will be paused by Sleep Fader at the end of the fade period (Google Play Music is also paused by Sleep Fader).Turn on/off internal sounds by pressing keys 1-6 or the 'A' key for Auto-sound mode.Using the phones menu key you will see 'Preferences' and this is where you can turn on the end of fading alarm.The 'End sounds 3456 early' preference which works in conjunction with the '3456 end time' value. This will stop internal sounds 3,4,5,6 from playing after a certain number of minutes and just allow sounds 1,2 to play. The reason for this preference is that although sounds 3,4,5,6 are beneficial at the beginning of the fade period you may eventually find that they become distracting as the fade progresses.If not in fade mode this preference is ignored.If Auto-sound mode is active this preference should prevent any new instances of sounds 3,4,5,6 being be activated.At any time even during a fade period you can adjust the fade time or volume.We recommend you keep Sleep Fader as your foreground app. while fading. The alarm function isn't 100% reliable at the moment so please use an official alarm app. for critical functions. Sweet dreams - Denki Candi x

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