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Sleep Sounds Pro provides a wide range of calming and relaxing sounds which have been chosen for their ability to induce a sound sleep. Sleep is an activity which nourishes and rejuvenates our health,mind and soul.This state gives us the chance to renew,refresh and restore ourselves and provides us the physical and mental balance for the next day.Lack of sleep is a widespread problem that not only interferes with our efficiency to work but also makes our body heavy,dilapidated and lethargic. It has been proven by science and research that to alleviate this sleeping disorder ,it is important to have a light and relaxing atmosphere which is conducive in such a case.We at Sleep Sounds Pro offer an assortment of sounds which are designed to make you sleep.A plethora of sounds including nature sounds like humming and chirping birds,waterfall,camping,wind,fountain ,thunderstorm,river ,beach etc.Rhythmic drumming,things that hum,chime and tick such as air-conditioner,ceiling fan,clock,chimes,typing etc which provide a hypnotic environment to sleep.All of these sounds provide a sensation of relaxing and tension free atmosphere and can also remind us of some calm vacation which tranquilizes our mind and spirit and gradually takes us to slumber.Features:1.You can manage a playlist of your favorite sound combinations. Set time for each sound combination andthe order in which the combinations should be played.No market app provides this unique and must have feature 2.You can set your sleep timer to increment or decrement the minutes and hours.3.Sleep Sounds Free will continue running even when the screen gets turned off .4.Sleep Sounds Free has the pause and resume facility.This means that during an incoming call,the sound gets stopped automatically and gets resumed as soon as the call is over.5.Easy navigation as the application will be available in your notification bar from where it can be reached directly and you don’t need to search it in your application gallery.Enjoy an incredible Sleep Sounds Pro program with our application.Hurry!!!Happy Sleeping:)Sleep Sounds Pro TeamKeywords to search: Sleep android, Sleeping Machine, Sleeping Disorders,Sound Machine,sound machine,relaxing sounds, sleep and relax,sleeping melodies, Insomnia, sleep sounds, sleep cycle, sleep machine, sleep, sound sleep , lullaby, kids sleeping melodies, kids sleep, sleep clock, relax sleep, sleep time, sleeping tips.

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