Sleep Sounds


Sleep Sounds offers various sound loops to put you to sleep in a relaxed state. Whether for sleep or just a timeout from your day, Sleep Sounds will sooth your soul and give you much needed Rest. You can mix-and-match your favorite sounds with different volume levels to create entire sleep sound scenes with our awesome 3D based Sound editor.The sounds for soothing include :1. Rain Sounds,2. Fireplace Sounds (Fire Place on)3. Forest Sounds (with birds humming and singing from distance)4. Nightingale Singing5. Ocean wave sounds.6. Thunderstorm sounds (A combination with rain sounds gives you nice night time rain experience)Sleep Sounds application is a guided meditation to help you overcome insomnia and get to sleep sooner. Sleep Sounds let you relax and fall asleep listening marvelous sounds of nature. The ambient sounds can put toddler to adults to sleep without any disturbance.Instructions:1. Using top level volume control you can control volume of the total system.2. Enable any sounds you want by selecting the checkbox next to the name of the sound.3. Adjust individual volume of sounds using volume control for each sound.

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