Slingshot Defense


Use the slingshot to defend your wall from an onslaught of explosive enemies! Use any means necessary to prevent them from reaching you or they will blow up and ultimately kill you!The game itself has three levels of difficulty: Easy, Tough, and Insane. In order to unlock the next, you must score 30,000 points or higher in the preceding zone. Each zone has three levels, and each level has three stages; each of which increases the difficulty of the game. You start with a Wooden Slingshot and a Rock, as if you’d be able to survive with just that. If you manage to level up at all, your slingshot will upgrade and receive a speed boost. As you destroy your enemies, you’ll collect money which you can use to upgrade your projectiles or rebuild your barricade. Unfortunately, your enemies will not stop until you are dead.But luckily for you, there just happens to be several bonuses available to help you out along the way. And to those of you who think you can beat insane difficulty… Good luck.

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