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it is a simple slot machine.It inserts the coin with the drug.It pulls a lever and it is rotated.It stops if the button is pushed.The coin comes out when winning a prize.It need not be a difficult explanation.It is possible to play by the operation in the state of seeing.Let's use the MAX button bet the maximum by the automatic operation when feeling that it is a little troublesome.In addition, it is possible to enjoy it only by even looking at the screen with AUTO button that does everything by the automatic operation when feeling that it is troublesome.The menu opens if the MENU button is pushed.Option, help, and history can be inspected from the menu.An optional item is three (the image switch and the sound and the rotational speed).Because the image can be freely chosen according to three kinds, the recreation can be done.Because the effect at the bonus is different because of each image, they are not made to get tired quite.It might be also good to adjust the rotational speed and to practice to press the right button at the right time.

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