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"The level of detail is too low" - just select the camera and then the edit icon. Move the render and shadow sliders to the left for as much detail as your device can handle (also turn on filtering)."Power levels on the lights would help" - to do this interactively see this vid, or by dragging the colour selector down. Looking at improving the doc's and vid's soon. a quick note to ... "Не работает Не удалось установить на usb накопитель или sd карту" - Moving the App to the SD Card works fine on my devices ;)Just a quick note to ... "a non-refundable app" - You could always just ask ;)Quick Hints, If selecting a colour in the palette and it is wrong. please checkbox the "RGB on colour Selection" in prefs,The quality of the shadows and rendering can be changed on the fly using the sliders in camera pref (default is medium )For better shadow results move the target a little in front of the object. also shadow filtering can be turned on.*A fix for the NEXUS 7* ThanksPlease visit under the apps tab for guideand video link. SLR has many options and can seem a bit"what the heck?" :)If your light colours are wrong on selection see the above guide for selecting the swap RGB button.Studio Light Rigger (SLR) allows you to plan in 3D your favourite lighting set-ups, those set-ups can be Loaded/Saved to a library on the device. You can add a text description to every object so you can make notes of the real world settings of your shoot, this is how SLR started as a fancy 3D drawing pad. SLR gives you a real-time view of the lights you place down with number of models to light with full colour and shadow maps. The models include a female with 30 odd poses, a hi resolution male with poses and various models such as an over sized head for seeing the affects of shadows. SLR video and guide over at under the Apps tab. Main features. Moving objects in a 3D plan and perspective views. A real time camera lens view with real time shadows (GLES2 required) Female and Male with multiple poses character models to light. Store your lighting rigs using the Built in library or upload to mIsort for sharing General issues.Touch screens, some devices when under load are sending the App movements when a touch has been made which results in the object being selected moving on touch a little. While I see if something can be done about this (it's quite device specific) each object does have the lock option that locks movement of that object until unlocked.The Background can be removed.Rendering Performance.The Lens View and shadow maps size can be adjusted for better shadow maps and render speed. Small screen devices can get away with the Lens View window on two and shadow maps on three.**Please Note** On most devices maximum settings will slow the device down to a crawl and leave the APP unresponsive.Increasing the shadow map to maximum offers better shadows and does not slow down the device as much. Rendering Improvements.A number of objects can use pixel shaders with normal mapping and specular hi-lights. Thisgives a more realistic for the Male/Female heads and vehicle.The shadows can now be filtered for more realistic and softer shadows. The filter size can also beadjusted.**Please Note** Filtered shadows are not free and do slow the device down a fair bit.Overall rendering speed is up for example.The Male character that was slow in SLR 1.2.3 can now be worked on now with a defy usinga Lens View Size of two and Shadow Map of size three - with three Shadow Mapped Lights withshadow filters turned on at good frame rates.The best approach is to do your editing in the lowest settings that gives useful feedback the up the settings for a cleaner render.Some new objects, a vehicle and female head.

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