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The app is Second Life (such as online games) and chat with Android smartphoneThe application can be.Characteristics of the SL can chat with people online without SL.SLChatHUD to chat or both of the items and SL SLChat SLTalk Android smartphone apps Is required.SLChat conversation with SL is placed on the ground can be heard by anyone.SLChat is attached as HUD, hear only the person who installed.To prepare to use Gmail (E of Goole-mail) please keep it to get a Gmail account to use.In addition, the mobile network to communicate and work over SL (eg 3G) network connection must be on."Wi-Fi" Please note that not available in.They can get SLCatBox included SLChat or SLChatHUD at the MarketPlace. Before you can use:1. SLChat ground or place it in SL, Please install the SLChatHUD.2. Please red and green color of the item from them and touch. (For the first green, please try again in green and red Touch Touch)3. E-mail address is displayed for that item becomes green in the local chat.4. Chat with other SL is set, press the menu button on the front of the terminal to launch the app Sumahon SLTalk The configuration screen is displayed, press the Settings button and then.5. To chat with other smart phones is (A person operating a Sumahon) is the number one-time address Items that appear on the SL item by tapping on the Settings screen Email address of the SL Enter the email before that:1. Fill in the parameter setting screen. (Email address of the non-SL) * Nickname: Enter a unique name to identify the person you are chatting. * Username: Enter the username of the account in Gmail. * Password: Enter the password for the account in Gmail. * The background color of the display list sent to: determine the background color of messages sent to the area SL. * The background color of the display list Receive: Determines the background color of the message area received from SL.1. Ensure that the green color of the item and then touch.How to Send Messages1. Please press the back button on the front of the terminal configuration screen is displayed. Tetara.2. Please press the button beneath the screen certification. A small window appears in a message indicating that it is ready to communicate with the SL a while. ("a certification is please send any message.")3. Can fill in the message field to send messages is enabled on the button to the SL and the authentication is complete Is as follows.4. Press the Enter key or the confirmation key soft keyboard to enter a message in the message field. Messages that you send a message appears on the display list. The SL also appears in the chat.1. If you send a message to a smart phone, please chat with 1000 channels. Message appears on the display list's main screen is displayed, along with smart phones. (Please enter a chat / message 1000.)

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