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smallQWERTY is a 3x3 version of the QWERTY keyboard layout for mobile devices which you need to type with a finger or two. Since it resembles QWERTY as much as possible, it's easy to get familiar with. Moreover, you need to tap just once for each of the frequently used letters, which occupy about 70% usage.Key features:1. Traditional ABC layout is also supported for those who are already familiar with and want to use it.2. By pressing and holding on an alphabet, accented letters can be input, which covers most Latin alphabet languages.3. Easy editing of what you have typed by pressing the button on the lower-right corner with keyboard icon label.4. Dual interface option, which can be set in Settings, lets you grab tablets naturally with your hands and type comfortably with your thumbs.5. By swiping on a button, you can perform shortcut input. Try customizing button swiping options in Settings.6. Google voice input is supported.7. CacheNote app is supported, which saves your time and memory by storing frequently used info to be typed automatically.8. Two of the most popular Korean input methods are also supported.

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