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[Urgent News]The world’s first ice cream sandwiches support background services[Notice]If you do not record at a maximum resolution, try lowering the resolution a little bit.???[King of the end of black-box applications]??????[Support Background/Foreground Service]??????[Support Samsung Galaxy S2 (ice cream OS 4.0)]???This application is [automotive black boxes], [CCTV], [Secret Voice Recording] or other purposes that can be used as a black box.If you are using this application, a better performance than other black-box applications will be able to experience.Must use the free version, what is going on well in their mobile phone after checking, please download the paid version.? If Android SDK upgrade to the latest version or the phone is a high performance, more reliable programs are available.- Differentiating features1. Front/Rear Camera Recording2. High Quality Audio Recording3. Recording Using the Message4. Set the Time Interval (Audio/Video)5. Scheduled Recording function=> If you send entered message from Preferences to other phones, recording starts or stops.- Notice0. If black screen is shown, please adjust the resolution. (720X480, 640X480)1. If you get the screen like a mosaic, please adjust the resolution.2. Partially, Camera Flash may be unsupported.3. If the application does not work, please reboot your phone.4. When recording with front camera is not compatible, you can look like a mosaic.5. please double-touch preview screen. ? If you set the recording time interval low, the recording can be more reliably.If you have any questions or Improvements, please email us. Will try as much as possible to reflect. also, Will be updated continuously.

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