Smartbench 2012


Smartbench 2012 is a multi-core friendly benchmark application that measures the overall performance of your smartphone. It reports both Productivity and Gaming Index to suit both productivity users and 3D gaming users.Key improvements from Smartbench 2011:- Heavier load on each tests.- A new 3D test (Shark)- Introduction of high polygon count objects in some tests- Detects high resolution screens and uses them appropriately.Smartbench 2012 will be better prepared for the quad-core world. Unfortunately this also means it will run slower on older devices.Smartbench 2012 will run slower on high-resolution tablet devices. All 3D tests are now rendered in full native resolutions so naturally it will stress hardware harder on these devices. This also applies to higher resolution hand-held devices.New and existing Smartbench Donate users will continue to benefit in Smartbench 2012:- No ads- Results History- See rsult chart without running the test firstSmartbench 2012 results are hosted at: http://smartphonebenchmarks.comBug reports and suggestions should be reported in:

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