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Pictures would be good exposure meter!Measure your exposure anywhere, anytime. Then what will happen?Now know the true brightness, the camera does the rest will not take pictures like.Easy to use. Just press the button for the camera in front of the camera screen.Push buttons are easy to reach out even in the larger, you can see that you press in the vibration.I can now be intuitive combinations of exposure.Your light meter terminal will be nominal sum.What you forget to make a photo with life.How to use1. Point the camera towards the subject in front of the terminal screen.2. Start the measurement by pressing the button on the bottom of the screen.3. After you press the button to stop the measure numeric value is stable.4. ISO, aperture, and reads the combination that suits the purpose to change the shutter speed.In addition, the exposure step can be switched by pressing the menu button.CautionAmbient light sensor models are unlucky not work.The free version will be set per-1EV.

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