Small utility to help other applications can be installed on external storage.This application simulates BOOT_COMPLETED action sending "sdexternalapps.EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE_AFTER_BOOT" intent and sends "sdexternalapps.EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE" intent when EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE is received.Why?—–Because Android OS does not send BOOT_COMPLETED nor EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE to applications installed on external SD.How to move application to External SD?——————————————Moving an application to external SD must be allowed by the application itself (Although some ROMS allow force moving all applications).If you want move SManager, or other application, to external SD you should press:Home->Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage applications-> Locate SManager (or your preferred app) and select it->Press move to SD cardREMARKS:——–For users:The application must be prepared to use SMExternalSD. Installing it does not allow move any application to external SD.Nowadays only SManager uses SMExternalSD.For developers:The main purpose is allow install SManager on External SD, but feel free using it in your application.If you want use this app please send mail to devwom at gmail to get more programming info.

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