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Smiley (born smiley – «smiling") or happy face – a stylized graphical representation of a smiling human face. Virtually the entire palette of emoticons truly used by only a few chatlians in very moderate quantities. This is due, apparently, to the fact that, firstly, of the response is difficult to quickly grasp a minute, what a smiley choose. Smileys, though the subject of collectibles on many personal pages, but w rote memorized one little and mostly invented anew each time. And secondly (and we talked about it), oddly enough, drawing smiley complex does not guarantee your interlocutor that you even understand what it was about – but because of his work on remembering obessmyslivaet invention. It is easier for the same time detailed and colorfully describe the flight of each piece of your puny bodies, which you inevitably will break for your idiotic remarks indignant public of both hemispheres of the planet before the arrival of riot police. If you believe the information your opponent, of course. In 90% of cases tov tolpen uses the most primitive smiles – a smile desyatipodborodkovogo fat :-)))))) to an equally moronic universal sadness 🙁 (((((the lazy pass at the emoticon "nose", and not the brakes – and eyes. turns a sort of mini-edition of the Cheshire cat smile … Once n years ago I looked into your chat, Share an idea spontaneously. And then, in the moonlight, You winked at me Not for nothing right bracket from the screen … (From a night of delirium Virtual unknown) And in vain few judges start arguing that laughter is portrayed differently (remember,:-D), and wink at the right bracket (ie by mouth), you can only dream sivoy mare immediately after defloration – slaughtered their muddy boots, not really looking at gray hair, decorations, medals and ‘stripes long-standing wounds … Do not be like and go for the most of any stream or against the current – swim to wherever you need. At least you’ll go for clever.

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