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DeveloperManas Gajare
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This app lets you take pictures from camera without any physical access to your phone.*** This is LITE version and thus saves the photos in Black & White color only. For colored photos, download PRO version from market ***Uses -1. SURVEILLANCE (low cost solution)2. For fun. It's interesting to click photos using text messages.3. Impress your friends.How app works - Start the service -> Position your phone -> Send a text message to your phone with the text PHOTO -> your phone camera will take a pic.How to start the app - The app is disguised. It's a widget and not an app as such. Long press on your homescreen, go to widgets - select Sms Cam - Now you'll see "Hit Me" button. Click on it to start the app.Features -1. Disguised.2. Shuts the shutter sound off.3. No preview is shown. Saves a lot of battery (unlike other apps which shows preview all the time)4. The photo can be saved on SD card and/or have it emailed to you as well.5. TEST MODE - helps you set the phone properly before leaving it for actual surveillance6. The app does not run all the time (you have to click Service button, in order to activate it) 7. And this makes the app very stable.Format of text message - PHOTO (saves on SD card)PHOTO to - Doesn't save on SD card)PHOTO SD to & saves on SD card as well)The app is easy to understand, still we have provided detailed instructions.We are continuously improving the app, so your suggestions are welcome.For any issues, mail us at contact@dexterltd.comIf you want to leave negative comment, then drop us a mail first, let our customer service department take care of the issue. If the problem stays unsolved even after that, then you can post negative review.

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