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Want to increase sales?Research has shown that SMS is one of the most responsive marketing mediums, with 5 times better response rate than direct email marketing.If a customer has bought something from You once, chances are he or she are more likely to buy again. Why not to send him / her a promo SMS about weekend sale or discount offer? It has been proven that regular customer contact will initiate repeated buying behavior and make customers feel looked after.SMS marketing tool app will help you get the most out of this marketing channel.Just 3 steps to send the same SMS message to all of Your customers:1. Write SMS message text2. Add recipients3. Push "Send".Just imagine what Your SMS message could be about:* Special discounts for products* Limited time offers* New products promotions* Weekend sales* Etc., sales possibilities are endless.You can personalize text messages with the names of recipients and give them an extremely memorable impression with your sale offering aimed directly at them.The following features of SMS turn a mobile marketing into a powerful tool:* Everyone owns and carries a mobile phone with them regularly.* SMS messages can be sent and read at any time.* SMS messages can be sent to an offline mobile phone.* SMS messaging is not intrusive.* 100% of GSM mobile phones support SMS messages.* Two-way SMS allows customers to reply to messages.

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