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SMS Reply App is an SMS marketing application that responds to incoming messages that contain a specific message or response code. You can now run a SMS marketing campaign from your own Android phone! All you have to is get customers to text a specific response code (ex: HOUSE01) to your mobile phone number. When the customer sends the text containing the response code, your phone will automatically respond with the custom response you have created. The app records the number of the person who sent you the message, the message they sent, and the date and time so that you can follow up on any leads! This is a great application for realtors, automobile salesmen, and when posting want ads.SMS messages received that contain a response code you have setup are saved to a database. You can view how many times your phone has responded to each message in the Statistics function. It will show you how many times it responded in the past 7, 14, 30, and 90 days. You are also able to text or call back each contact from the app.Features included:Auto responds to specific SMS messages (Response codes)Easy setup of custom responsesCustomer details displayed by contact numberResponse code statistics***If you are using a third party messaging app, you may need to uncheck the "Disable other message notification" setting in their app.*** You must purchase the Pro version to create your own response codes.IMPORTANT: The Lite version of the SMS Reply App is a trial version that allows you to test the functionality of the application prior to purchasing the Pro version. The Lite version does not allow you to add your own response codes. It is pre-populated with five codes: , CRAIG01, EBAY01, HOUSE01, MISC01, and VEHICLE01. Test these codes and their response by sending yourself an SMS text message containing any of the response codes. You should receive an SMS response with the custom message which is editable. You are also able to view the customers and statistics in the Lite version. It has also been pre-populated with five customers and five responses to view statistics.

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