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Download App Features:1. Auto-Respond to sms/calls when you are away.(With reply filter and categories)2. Share your contacts with friends, when they send you sms in the format password_you_set,getcontact,contact_name (You can also hide contacts which you dont want to share with anyone)3. Get your phones location on google maps (Format: password_you_set,getlocation)(You can also use this to find where is your phone)4. Find your silenced phone via SMS(Set your phone to silent, vibrate or full volume through sms)5. Toggle your phone's Wi-Fi State using SMS (set to enabled or disabled)6. Get Call log when you query using SMS (You can query for missed, dialed, received or all calls. It will return the first three resuts)7. Get the battery information of your phone (Format: password,getBattery)8. Call a number when you send a sms (Format: password,call,number)More to come soon...When you are busy, or when you are not able to attend to calls or sms, just put sms server, online, and it will automatically reply to the receiving sms and calls.Enjoy complete flexibility:Signature : append your signature text to all the sms messages sent by auto-responder.Country Code : The app sends sms to only those numbers which starts with the code you specify. This can make sure, international calls are not given response by auto-responder.Land line Code : The auto-responder will not send any sms if the incoming number contains the value you specified. You can have multiple values here, separated by commas.Time Interval : if the same contact sms/call frequently, the app will send sms only once in the time interval you specify.When you open this app for the first time, it will take some time, because this app keeps its own database of contact names and numbers for faster execution. So its populating the database when you open for the first time.As promised, one contact sharing feature is now added. You can set a password in this app. And give this password for your friends. When they message you in the format,The_password_you_set,getcontact,contact_name :(do not leave space, not case sensitive, you can leave spaces in between the contact_name)They will receive a text message including the number of contact they search for, if the password if correct.You can also hide some special contacts from sharing.I developed this app during my free time. So it is free and it contains NO ADS. Please contact me first before leaving any bad comments.Thanks,Akhil SekharanKeywords : sms, auto, responder, autorespond, sms reply, drive safe, commands, contact, location, share, getlocation, wi-fi, wireless, call log, battery

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