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Smurf Match

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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperThinkICE Innovation
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Two different game plays in one game:Smurf Match:Pairing game with a different play. Help the smurfs find their gadgets to win the game. Beware of Gargamel and Azarel, they will destroy the mushroom houses. You must protect all the 3 mushroom houses. Game is over when all 3 mushroom houses were destroyed. (Not applicable in Easy level)3 levels of play:Easy - 3x3 Medium - 4x4Hard - 5x5Extreme - 5x5 (dynamic villain's position)Smurf CatchSmurf village is running out of smurf berries. The only place where smurf berries can be found are located just outside Gargemel's house. Creep behind the lurking Gargemel to grab some berries.You will need the right tool to gather the smurf berries though.3 levels of play:Easy - No time limit. Low number of smurf berries to be gathered. Low tool changing rate. Gargemel turns around slowly.Medium - Limit time. Mild number of smurf berries to be gathered. Mild tool changing rate. Gargemel turns slightly faster.Hard - Limit time. Vast number of smurf berries to be gathered. Fast too changing rate. Gargemel turns around very fast.Extreme - Limit time. Extreme crazy number of smurf berries to be gathered. Extreme fast tool changing time. Gargemel turns around extremely fast. Tool changing can nly be done at start position.All graphics are referenced from you like this game, please give us a 5 stars. If you dislike it, send us an email and tell us why. All suggestions are welcome.Enjoy the game!

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