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Snake Evolution is a modern and innovative version of the classic Snake game. It has the same game mechanics as Snake on old Nokia phones but adds several new elements to keep it fresh and interesting.Top features:* Loads of mazes - Including moving mazes!* Customisable graphics!* Different types of pick-ups - Some have positive effects while others have negative ones, be careful!* Various game modes - Including classic mode* Online leaderboards (optional)Not everything is unlocked at the start. To unlock new mazes and game modes you will need to score 50+ in the available mazes. Each completed maze unlocks 2 new mazes. Each completed world (8 mazes) unlocks a new game mode. In some mazes you can also unlock new textures which can be used to change the look of the game. Each of these mazes has 3 unlockable textures, the first can be earned by simply trying the maze and getting a score of 1 or above. For the second and third you will need scores of 50+ and 100+ respectively. Go to Options->Graphics->Textures to choose between your unlocked textures.You can also unlock items with Evo Points. You can earn a random number of Evo Points at game launch (only twice per day). You are also awarded 10 Evo Points for each maze you complete (score 100+ points). In addition to that you can also earn Evo Points quicker by completing free in-game offers.The ads in the game can be removed for free: either complete a 1 time offer or get enough Evo Points to remove them.In 1997, more than 10 years before hits like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, Infinity Blade, Robot Unicorn Attack, Canabalt, World of goo, Minigore took off, it was Snake that defined mobile gaming on Nokia phones. Now Snake Evolution is here to redefine it! ...Or just to kill some nostalgia ;)Download and play it now!If you enjoy it remember to give it a rating/review and a +1!Permissions:NETWORK COMMUNICATIONFULL INTERNET ACCESS - For ads and online scoresVIEW NETWORK STATE and VIEW WIFI STATE - To check if a network connection is availablePHONE CALLSREAD PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY - Used to create a unique device ID. None of your data will be logged/tracked or anything similar.Input:Snake Evolution currently supports 3 input methods.Touch 1 - If the snake is moving vertically touch to the left or right of it to turn left or right respectively. Likewise, when the snake is moving horizontally, touch above or below the snake to turn up or down respectively. You can touch anywhere on the screen, however there are also arrows on each side which can be used. These arrows are helpful for when the snake is too close to the edge of the screen and you want the snake to turn and move towards that edge. Since touch input isn't very accurate on the small scale these arrows should be useful.Touch 2 - 2 sets of 4 directional arrows in the middle of the screen to turn the snake in each direction. You can use one set of the arrows in portrait orientation or use both if you prefer to play in landscape orientation. With this input method the snake will only react when you touch the arrows and will not do anything if you touch anywhere else on the screen.Accelerometer - If your device has an accelerometer, you can use that to control the snake.

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