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Note: Get the full version to support further development of Snaptastic, get rid of watermarks and ads and get the newly added features first! It's available here: Start by selecting a preset (currently comes with ~15 of them) or adjust all the parameters yourself- Easily make slight touchups or go for a more creative look- Change brightness, contrast, temperature, tint, fill light, clarity, saturation, vignetting etc how ever you like and see the result immediately- Directly share to any service installed on your device (like Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tweetdeck, Google+, Lightbox …)- Create your own presets- Save images in up to 1280 pixels wide resolution (depends on phone capabilities)- High quality (10 bits per component) processing engine retains texture, highlight and shadow detailAll sample images (used in screenshots) taken with mobile phone cameras. (Samsung Galaxy series to be exact)Known issues:- Can run out of memory especially with larger image sizes. If you experience crashing try setting the image resolution to the lowest value.- Currently not tested at all on qHD screen resolution.This app is currently in BETA so we'd really appreciate it if you can give us your thoughts / suggestions / BUG REPORTS at

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