Have you ever been in a business meeting or attended a lecture & wanted to take a photograph of the presentation being made or the notes on the board? Have you ever been curious about who is watching you in a crowd? Have you ever wanted to take a photograph where it might be inappropriate to do so without drawing attention to yourself with a noisy shutter sound or bright flash? Well, look no further.. The Sneak-A-Pic line of apps are exactly what you’ve been looking for! Sneak-A-Pic is an Android application for taking discrete photos without anyone being able to tell that you are taking them. This is achieved by displaying a static image with hidden buttons.. One to take photos, one to show a Pop-up of the last pic taken & another to exit the application.***Do not purchase this application without having tested the free version on your device first!!!***Upon starting the Sneak-A-Pic application, a menu will pop up giving you 5 options for discrete photo taking. The first looks like a sudoku app. The second, looks like you’re about to turn off your device. The third is a pin lock screen. The fourth & fifth options are a black screen (results may vary on this one.. 2.2 shows status bar & 4.0 & 4.1 is completely black on SGS2 & SGS3) & a clear screen which works exactly like the black screen.There should be no shutter sound or flash & photos are moved into a file named "Sneak_A_Pic" followed by the date & time the photo(s) were taken. The app may be a little slow in showing the main menu, as it is temporarily adjusting your camera & phone settings. There will be a delay between each photo taken (approximately 2-4 seconds) to allow your camera to focus & take each pic, after which you will feel a vibration that indicates that a pic has been taken & it’s ok to move or take another.? This application works perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch & Samsung Galaxy S3.? Your device must have a rear facing camera.? All pics are 2048×1536 (3.1MP)? "Jellybean (4.2)" is not supported in this version because of changes made in certain permissions. This app should work on 1.6 through 4.0.4!? Permissions include Storage (adding photos), Hardware Controls (vibration & taking photos.. Video is not supported) & System Tools (keeping your phone awake & preventing screen orientation change while the application is in use).? This app does NOT connect to the internet & does NOT require your device to be Rooted!!Try our newest additions to the Sneak-A-Pic family:° Do you just want the Black Screen? Try Sneak-A-Pic: Black!!° Is the Clear Screen working better for your device? Try Sneak-A-Pic: Clear!!° Maybe all these fancy screens just aren’t your style? Try Sneak-A-Pic: Tap!!Keywords: Sneak, Silent, Discrete, Spy, Pic, Pics, Photo, Photos, Pictures, Camera.Enjoy!

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