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ManageEngine SNMP MIB Browser for Android enables the user to browse/view the MIB data of SNMP enabled network devices like desktops, routers, switches, etc., on the move. This tool enables the user to load any standard MIB(with extension .mib, .my, and .txt which is not case sensitive and irrespective of extensions too) and fetch values from the configured devices(agents running in those devices) at any instant and shows the MIB data in an intuitive user interface. SNMP MIB Browser can communicate to the network devices across Internet(via mobile access like GPRS, 3G) or across intranet via WiFi. And supports all the versions of SNMP(v1, v2c, v3) to fetch the data from the agent and can be safely used even over the Internet to fetch data, if the agent is reachable via Internet and supports SNMPv3 with encryption. It allows you to load any number of MIBs and list the scalar groups and tables in the loaded MIBs. On clicking any scalar group or table, fetches data for that particular scalar group or table afresh and shows them in an intuitive user interface. This tool is able to fetch MIB data from one network device at a time and allows to configure/change the device(agent parameters) user is interested in, at any time, also provides options to persist the configurations. In case the user opts SNMPv3 version for fetching data, this tools allows to configure credentials of multiple users to be used to communicate with the given agent, thus allows the user to choose appropriate user based on the level of security needed for the communication. It supports HMAC algorithms like MD5, SHA for authentication and DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 encryption for the SNMPv3 communication. If the user wants to fetch data via Internet, they can opt to choose v3 users in auth_priv security level, so that all the data will be encrypted over the wire while communication, within local intranet, user may choose other security levels.SNMP MIB Browser for Android is developed using WebNMS SNMPAPI for Android.Key Features :* Support to load any MIBs and fetch MIB data.* Support to fetch MIB data in any versions of SNMP(v1, v2c, v3) from agents implemented by any vendors.* Separate user interface to configure agent parameters.* Separate user interface to configure and view v3 user credentials and provision to persist the same.* Fetch MIB data of any scalar group or table, just by clicking the same.* Support for MD5 and SHA authentication algorithms and DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 encryption for SNMPv3 packets.Prerequisite : To run this application, WiFi connectivity is required to communicate with the local Network/Internet or GPRS to communicate with the Internet. Please copy the required MIBs in the mibs directory which would be have been created during the installation in the root path of the Memory card.

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