Tablets (android3.0 3.1 3.2) has occurred in some of the defects. Currently, we have corrected. If you are using a tablet, the free version of "SoarFree" then check the movement in, please purchase.Your android phone to the cockpit of an airplane!The usual way to the airwayPlease fly two kinds of airplanes"SR-71A (M-21)" is a U.S. Air Force strategic reconnaissance aircraft that first flew in 1964."M-21" is, "SR-71A" on the back of the "D-21 drone" type with.Another type is the captain’s seat of a skyliners.Using the GPS, WAYPOINT (destination) If you use the feature, please note the Battery level.Battery level is displayed in the FUEL Instrument.GPS update interval is 30 seconds.The indication items of the instrument please identify a manual.

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