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In olden times explorers would set out on the frontier to find new lands and territories and claim them in the name of their kingdom. The map is pretty much filled in now, but it’s all up for grabs again in Social Pioneer! Use this app to post messages to any square quarter-mile (approximately half-kilometer) on Earth. Be the first to post a message to a place and you will claim that plot of land to your kingdom. Find a spot that’s already claimed? Even better! Read the posted messages to find out information about the history of that place, or post a message of your own. Perhaps, you are at a restaurant deciding whether to order steak or a cheeseburger. Read the messages for that plot and find a suggestion. Or maybe you are driving down a dark road at night and pass an ominous apple orchard. Pull up the app and discover that a man was murdered there two years ago. Any piece of information at all is possible to find in this unique app from coupon deals to exercise tips. You could discover that the angry birds that eat your raspberries are also eating your neighbor’s strawberry plants. Or you could find out that the mall you are visiting just opened a month ago and that the mayor attended to cut the rope. Maybe even read that someone last week thought they saw two Zombies in the alley behind your local movie theater. And on your next trip to the Amazon rainforest mark your legacy by posting a message at every place you go, just like a puppy dog marks his adventures by peeing on every mailbox.Don’t wait! Your house could be claimed by someone else! The tiny pizza parlor near your office might no longer be serving your favorite chicken wings! You might miss the annual police vs firefighters water balloon fight at the high school football field! Who knows?! Begin building your kingdom today and gain access to the most localized, relevant information on the planet.

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