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Big hit love game for female audience, "Starry?Sky" is now on Android!=====================================? Prescription for your insomnia ?Soine Kareshi -Sleepy Boyfriend- Starry?Sky -Aquarius ver.- ================================ ?What is "Sleepy Boyfriend"?? "Starry?Sky" character series supports your good nights sleep? Starry?Sky is a new experience alarm app where anime style boyfriend sleeps next to you.Wrapping you in warm smile and sweet words he will be beside you anytime!Enjoy a few minutes before sleep with him! ?Coming Up? -Shop feature-Event browsing feature?Character? Part 3 is about the mood maker accountant of Hoshidzuki Gakuen student council "Tsubasa Amaha"!Illustration is made by Kazuaki. ?Speech samples?"Your face is so close… I’m so happy I want to kiss you..""I… want to know more about you. And get closer to you. So can I go a bit your way…?""My heart gets so warm when I’m with you. None of my inventions could be as amazing as you"Enjoy the sweet phrases Tsubasa whispers to only you.?How to use?It’s very easy to use, all you need to do is set the alarm!After settign the alarm you can touch the character as you please! He will say special things.?ImportantThe alarm differs from Standard alarm and cannot be used in sleep mode. Because you need to leave the appon we recommend using power adapter.?"Starry?Sky" Series?Continuing from the "Seiza Kareshi" series and "Planetarium CD & Game", "Starry?Sky" brings you the personalityof the zodiac in the form of charming male characters.?Official site ?Twitter

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