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DeveloperCastle Rock Research Corp.
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by On April 13, 2012
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SOLARO India is a personalized learning app for students studying in CBSE / NCERT, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu State Syllabus. SOLARO provides high-quality, syllabus- specific educational content for courses, including topic lessons, multimedia, tests, quizzes, and reporting aligned to these Indian syllabi. Indian students taking classes in CBSE/NCERT, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu can access class materials for Grades 6 through 10. Content for several other state syllabi, including ICSE and Maharashtra, will launch later in 2012. The SOLARO India app will help students understand core concepts in their curriculum and assess their strengths and areas of improvements, further giving step-by-step instructions to improve their scores and ace their exams. SOLARO is also fun and engaging with some unique features: students can create their own avatars, set goals, create flashcards, and much more. Use the app at school, at home, or on the go! It’s currently FREE until March 2012.To use the SOLARO India app, you will first need to subscribe to SOLARO at

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