SolarTimer is an App which accurately calculates and displays almost anything related to the current location or given GPS coordinates, at any date and time. SolarTimer is intended for a wide range of users including hikers, explorers, pilots, rescue workers, law enforcement, geocaching, farmers, teachers, students, mariners, fisherman, architects, people in solar energy field and military personnel. It is a very serious and sophisticated navigation tool with a high educational value which gives valuable in-depth information or it can be just fun to play with. It is designed to be customized by the user and be the “Swiss Army Knife” on the Smart Phone.In the heart of the SolarTimer is a collection of very accurate proprietary computer program routines that calculates the sun, moon and other selected stellar objects elevation and azimuth angles as a function of altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature for a given date, time, in the past, present or future from anywhere on earth from the North to the South pole! This is a claim that many, including very reputable major government organizations cannot make! The App accuracy is only matched by US Naval Observatory or US Jet Propulsion Laboratory programs.➤ Support for 39 languages listed below!➤ Map, Solar, Lunar, Magnetic and “unique” GPS compass capabilities providing redundancy for the navigational applications.➤ Global map with visual GPS coordinate extraction capability and “unique” analog compass dial which displays 25 different parameters in touch screen.➤ Heading and distance calculations between any points on earth the highest accuracy possible in today’s mobile applications.➤ GPS Coordinate, date, time and altitude tracking for any duration of time for a wide spectrum of travel velocities and altitudes including air travel. ➤ Emergency email and SMS reporting capabilities.➤ Very accurate instantaneous solar power density calculation anywhere, any date. Solar energy density calculation for both fixed and sun tracking solar panels. Optimum fixed elevation and azimuth angle calculation for solar panels at any GPS coordinates based on maximizing energy for any duration of time.➤ Azimuth and elevation of the moon, its Phases, visible area, distance and cycle dates.➤ Very accurate Earth and moon orbital animation in the Solar System with the capability of setting any date and time laps with astronomical real time data.➤ Sunrise, sunset, noon and all of the defined Twilight_times (Civilian, Nautical, and Astronomical) anywhere and any date.Supported Languages :AfghaniAlbanianArabicAzeriBulgarianChinese-TraditionalChinese-SimplifiedCzechDanishEnglishFinnishFrenchGermanGreekHebrewHungarianIndianIndonesianItalianJapaneseKazakhKoreanMongolianNorwegianPersianPolishPortuguese-BrazilPortuguese-PortugalRomanianRussianSerbianSlovakSpanishSwedishTurkishUkrainianUrduUzbekVietnamese➤ Comprehensive Technical Users Manual with 100+ pages of text, supplemented with 100+ figures and screen shots available in the web siteKeywords : GPS, Solar, Compass, Tracking, Emergency, Sun, Moon, Navigation, Mapping, Twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Geocaching, Orbit, Azimuth, Elevation, Energy, Power

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