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The aim of this application is to stimulate the recognition of sounds, and the association of sounds with images that represent those sounds.The application has 170 sounds that are grouped into the following four categories:- Animals [40] + Mammals: dog, cat, horse, whale, ... + Insects: bee, fly, mosquito, cricket, ... + Birds: rooster, chicken, cuckoo, parrot, ...- Musical instruments [50] + Keyboard: piano, harpsichord, accordion, organ, ... + Strings: guitar, violin, cavaquinho, harp, ... + Percussion: tambourine, triangle, cymbals, xylophone, ... + Wind: flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, ... + Ethnic: berimbau, balalaika, kalimba, sitar, ...- Outside home [40] + Vehicles / means of transport: car, bicycle, train, bus, helicopter, ... + Nature: wind, rain, fire, sea waves, ...- Inside home [40] + Objects: clock, bell, kettle, hair dryer, ... + .... Each game session is composed by a set of 15 sounds that is presented to the user. For each sound, four images are shown, and the user should select the image associated with each sound. Each sound lasts 2 or 3 seconds in most of the cases.Besides the 4 sets of sounds (animals, musical instruments, outside home and inside home), it is also possible to play with the complete set of 170 sounds. This means that each one of the 15 selected sounds for a series can be chosen from the complete set of 170 sounds that belong to the game.The game is structured in such a way that the children's reasoning is developed through the association of a sound with an image or through exclusion processes. For instance, when a child tries to identify an unknown sound, he /she can exclude, from all the presented options:- the options that he /she already knows but does not associate with the image, or - those he / she knows that cannot be associated with the sound.After associating an image with a sound, when you click again on that image, you will hear the sound that is associated with that option. The same occurs after doing the correct association.To compare fairly the players' performances, you can select 3 series of 15 fixed sounds in each category, contrarily to usual series that are generated randomly.Play and have fun!!!

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