From those who didn’t bring you Androidify comes Soundify.Soundify is to sound notifications what Androidify is to… making cute android caricatures of people, I guess. Ok, this app allows you to tie tons of android notifications to your own sound files, or the many provided favorites from Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter and others (like the infamous ‘droid’ sound from Motorola droid) Again, users also have the option of choosing their own file with this simple to use interface.For each notification sound you can set the volume to a constant level, or choose to let the system volume control it.Obviously not all notifications will apply to all devices (for example, trying to set a notification sound for a keyboard detach or slide event is probably not going to do much if your phone/tablet doesn’t have a keyboard!) Some of the many notifications that are supported:* SMS Text message received from a specific contact* SMS Text message received from a non-specified contact* Keyboard attached/detached (separate sounds for each!) for the Asus Transformer and such.* Keyboard slide in/out for Motorola Droid, Incredible and the like* Screen On/Screen Off* Boot complete* Power down* Low battery/battery ok* Headphones attached/detached* Power connected/disconnected* USB mass storage connected/disconnected* Orientation change* Screen configuration change (Like for the Echo maybe?) * many moreSome sounds included:* light saber noises* Star Trek computers* Harry Potter spells* Transformers transforming* Sci-fi/fantasy character sound bites* tons moreFor persistent licensing check failure: Make sure you have wifi enabled and present on first launch. Some users have reported that rebooting the device helps too. After the first successful license check it gets much more forgiving.Check out Zedge in the android market for a great free app for downloading tons more sounds. Once you download a sound use Soundify ‘Choose your own file’ and look for the sound. (If you use a file explorer look for the file in sdcard/zedge.)KEYWORDS:SMS ALERT SOUND NOTIFICATION SOUND ANDROIDIFY SOUNDIFY UNLOCK BATTERY LOW ASUS TRANSFORMER MOTOROLA DROID KEYBOARD SMS PLAY SOUNDS SMS NOTIFICATION KEYBOARD SLIDE SLIDABLE DETACH DETACHED KEYBOARD ATTACH ATTACHED TRANSFORMATION PLUG POWER CONFIGURATION LAYOUT ECHO ACER SCREEN OFF ON ORIENTATION UNLOCKED HEADPHONE GOOGLE TALK AIRPLANE MODE MEDIA CAMERA BUTTON PRESSED HARRY POTTER STAR TREK STAR WARS LUKE SKYWALKER R2D2 CHEWBACA ‘DROID CHEWY HERMIONE SPELLS KIRK SPOCK ENTERPRISE BWING XWING LIGHTSABER OPTIMUS PRIME DEVASTATOR BUMBLEBEE WHEELJACK BLACKOUT RAVAGE BOBA FETT TRANSPORTER OBLIVIATE WIZARD INCENDIO ACCIO DITTANY EXPECTO PATRONUS DARTH VADER TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT SMS NOTIFY SMS PLAY SOUNDS PLAY SOUNDS GIF SMS PLAY SOUNDS ALERTS CUSTOM SOUND MP3 .WAV PERSONALIZE SMS ALERT SOUND FOR NOTIFICATIONS NOTIFY DROID X INCREDIBLE XOOM SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET CUSTOMIZE SPELLS BEEPS SOUNDWAVE MEGATRON SMS ANDROIDIFY ANDROIDIMATE RESIZE CONFIGURE POSITION CHANGE VOLUME CONTROL SMS SOUND POPULAR SCI-FI SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY TEXT MESSAGE MMS PLAY SOUNDS MMS SOUND SMS ANDROIDIFY ASUS DARK OF THE MOON SMS ALERT SOUNDS SOUND ALERTS KEYBOARD OPEN KEYBAORD CLOSE

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